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Protect Remote Locations with MeerCams Battery Powered Wireless Security Cameras

  • Remote Security Rapid Deployment Security Alarm Camera Systems - Low Prices
  • Battery powered – GPRS mobile – wireless – indoor/outdoor motion detection PIR monitoring surveillance camera systems
  • Protect and secure Void empty properties – Construction and Building site on-site security - unmanned remote locations
  • Farm security– Country Estates security monitoring – remote vacant properties security monitoring
  • Protect and remotely security monitor your property and business premises with MeerCam rapid deployment indoor/outdoor GPRS mobile battery powered security cameras
  • Low priced rental and purchase options for rapid deployment MeerCam GPRS battery powered cameras for Remote Security monitoring applications
Remote Alert
For Business
Remote Alert
For Home

Y-Cam network security camera

Y-cam Knight wireless IP network security camera with motion detection and infrared night vision.
The Y-cam Knight IP webcam is compatible with REMOTE ALERT

Latest News

Free Live Video Streaming Webcams in Real Time Broadcast Quality
the leading webcam streaming portal on the web are now offering webcam owners around the Globe a FREE streaming video webcam hosting service to allow them to upgrade their current web cam systems to broadcast high quality live video streaming footage from their IP webcams - 100% FREEMany of the with true HD broadcast quality live web cam experiencesNow other webcam operators - anywhere in the world - operating a IP network camera with H264 - MJPEG - MPEG compression protocols - available from all the major network camera manuifactures - can host their webcameras on the - for FREE - and upgrade their webcameras to high quality streaming live webcams have now developed a lowbandwidth high quality live real-time streaming video and audio broadcasting solution that will now allow any webcam operators and owners with a current webcam operating or about to purchase an IP camera (located anywhere in the world) to video stream their webcam LIVE from a standard broadband connection without causing local bandwidth issues

Low Cost Construction Site Security for UK Construction and Building Companies
Over the last 12 months are proving to be the fastest remote security solution for construction site security around the UK and Ireland

Camvista to launch new online camera management remote monitoring application for the MeerCams battery powered security surveillance camera systems – Remote Event

Low Cost Rapid Deployment Construction Site Monitoring Camera Systems
Construction and House Building companies are now securing and protecting their construction and house building sites around the UK by renting the Camvista low cost rapid deployment construction site monitoring cameras - the

Rapid Deployable Battery Powered GPRS Wireless Reseller Packages
to end users and clients in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and IrelandAlready the all over the UK and Ireland in various business sectors

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